The Founders

We got to know each other at the centre for entrepreneurship at the Technical University of Munich. There we also developed the first drafts for our home brewing revolution and thus the first prototypes of the Brewbarrel. We love diversity, taste and to challenge the Beer industry and bring back passion to brewing and beer. Our hearts beat for creating unique beers for unique moments.

The Scientist
Wolfgang Westermeier

To challenge the established stuff critically, find new perspectives and approaches – to change the „Status Quo” that’s his passion. With his keen mind he analyses everything and everyone, arranges his knowledge, and works with it until he gets to new awareness. This creative process can never be intensive enough for him. That’s why he switched the theoretical basic research of Biology and Agricultural Sciences into applied and entrepreneurial research. He loves developing new Beer varieties and new flavors.

Wolfgang's favourite:Lager with Lime and Guarana

The Puzzler
Ping Lu

Each and every problem is seen just as challenge. He manages it to work with every task – nothing is too hard or too complicated. With smart analyses and programming of individual tools he structures our process. This enables smooth purchase order processing through our web shop. He’s also responsible for an effective flow of work. For himself and his surroundings he ever has the highest requirements – that’s why he is always one step ahead. His B.Sc. in Mathematics helps him solve even the toughest puzzle.

Ping's favourite:Wheat beer with Bourbon wood

The Rockstar
Dominik Guber

He loves the stage and to present the Brewbarrel on the worlds stage. He is our voice and enables us new possibilities. He does what he does perfectly or he doesn’t do it. His motto: All in or nothing! That’s why he decided to chick his career in to start the adventure of his own enterprise. His enthusiasm assigns contious on our whole team and achieves an important input to our mostivation. He holds an B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering which helps improve the technical aspects of the brewing process.

Dominik's favourite:India Pale Ale