Simply Enjoy

Treat your friends and family to something truly special with your Brewbarrel, the perfect beer home brewing kit for every occasion. Brewbarrel is ideal for a garden party, company celebration, house-warming party or dinner with friends. Create unique moments with a unique beer.

We want to bring back people’s passion for beer and make beer the highlight of any occasion. The brewing experience and the enjoyment of home-brewed beer are activities that you can share with friends and family.

You can craft just the right beer to suit your tastes on the Brewbarrel website. Our premium natural ingredients and the gentle brewing process give you the most delicious beer possible, complemented by a fine, smooth, naturally sparkling effervescence. Your home-brewed beer leads to new tasting experiences and new ways of spending time together.

Look forward to the moment when you not only enjoy a beer with a friend, but really experience beer in all its facets!