Your Beer – Your Showpiece
Are you searching for a way to boost your company's brand image and advertising presence?
We offer special solutions to companies and wholesale customers that will enable you to create your own beer afrom more than 150,000 possible beer combinations.
In addition, we allow you to represent your company optimally by visual customization.

Give your recipients a real sense of achievement by turning them into master brewers!

Unique brewing experience

Out innovative brewing process makes it easy to become your own master brewer. Give away this unique experience to others!

Individually produced

Your Brewbarrel will be put together precisely according to your preferences.

Fast and uncomplicated

The Brewbarrel beer brewing kit is the easiest and fastest way to brew your own beer.

Your creative business gift – create lasting memories with Brewbarrel

  • An innovative way to attract attention – Brewbarrel stands out from the usual promotional and business gifts.
  • High-quality gift item – Brew your own fresh, naturally unfiltered premium beer made from the best ingredients.
  • Participation - The "do-it-yourself" concept requires active participation with the gift and thus with your company.
  • 7 days of anticipation – Your Brewbarrel is an optimal eye-catcher and lets the customer bear your company in mind during the one-week fermantation and maturation process.
  • Viral effect– 5 liters of tasty beer will usually won't be drunk alone by your business partner. The Brewbarrel will guarantee that your company becomes and remains a topic of conversation.
  • Your message, your flavor– Over 150,000 flavor combinations always allow you to create surprising and incomparable taste experiences. As a result, the recipient will still be thinking of you even long after drinking their Brewbarrel.

More than just a beer – over 150,000 combinations

The first step when creating your own customized Brewbarrel is to select one of our different beer styles (Lager, Ale, Pilsner, Wheat Beer, Oktoberfest style Beer, Dark Beer, Pale Ale). Subsequently, you can even define the intensity of the hops and thus the level of bitterness in your beer if you want.

A total of up to three different natural flavors can be added to any of the beers. We offer several different flavors to customize your beer. Starting with traditional fruit flavors such as lemon or grapefruit right through to exotic flavors such as mango or lemon grass. Our wood chips are also very popular. They can be added to the beer during the fermentation process and provide an unforgettable taste sensation. The most popular wood chips are roasted oak wood chips or bourbon chips, which are sourced from old, shredded whiskey barrels. All flavors have been tailored to the relevant types of beer and are of natural origin.

Made from selected ingredients
Ready to drink in just one week
Fresh and naturally cloudy
Easy to prepare
Tapped directly from the barrel
Guarantee of success

Create your individual message with Brewbarrel - suitable for every occasion, such as employee and partner gifts, presents and special occasions like your company anniversary!



If you want to display your brand message on a large scale already on arrival or when handing over the gift, our individual banderole is the perfect solution. The window in the Brewbarrel outer carton makes your company message immediately visible when unpacking.

You can place your individual company design on an area of 550 x 85 mm.

Your individual offer is available at

INDIVIDUAL BARREL DESIGN (available from 6000 units):

Designing your own barrel is an exclusive and high-quality way to stick in your business partner’s or customer's mind for a long time. Your barrel is visible for at least one week during the fermentation process. There is hardly a better location for placing your brand message. We will support you with the development of the design, the printing approval and finally with the production processes.

Your individual offer is available at
Individual barrel design


We would be delighted to provide you with advice for creating the perfect gift for your customers, business partners or employees.

Our contact persons for corporate customer sales are looking forward to providing you with individual offers and solutions in order to turn your ideas into reality – thus helping you to achieve customer loyalty in the long term, build close relationships with business partners and keep your employees motivated.

Please contact us via e-mail ( or call +49 (0) 89 589 7886 0.