Brewbarrel Purity Law

In Germany, where the Brewbarrel concept was initially developed, beer is protected by the purity law. This law was enacted in 1516 to protect consumers from undrinkable beer. In earlier times, breweries mixed their beer with things like ashes and toxic herbs. This made purity protection necessary. The constituents of beer were limited to healthy and natural ingredients. At Brewbarrel, we want you to brew natural beer that is customized to your taste preferences. Keeping the German purity law as the minimum standard, we developed the Brewbarrel purity law. This is based on the German purity law, but expands it to a higher, state-of-the-art level. Our quality promise means you can enjoy premium beer, customized to your individual taste, and brewed with natural, premium ingredients.

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Quality is our most valued asset. To ensure the best possible quality, we frequently undertake quality controls in cooperation with Weihenstephan, an independent, government-accredited research institute. To bring you the highest-quality natural ingredients, we work exclusively with handpicked suppliers who specialize in the production of natural ingredients for food and beverages. Everything we do is designed to place you and your home brewing experience in the spotlight.

Quality at Brewbarrel means:

Premium ingredients
Selected natural ingredients from leading producers.
Frequent and voluntary controls in cooperation with the Weihenstephan research institute.
State-of-the-art manufacturing, quality assurance and premium standards.
Full transparency regarding all our ingredients and suppliers.
Customer orientation
The intelligent package design and innovative brewing process ensure simplicity and guarantee success.


With our brewing process, you can become a master brewer in the twinkling of an eye. As a master brewer, you decide which ingredients come into your Brewbarrel. The adventure already starts when you create your beer on the website. Here, you can fashion your own personalized beer, choosing from more than 30,000 options. To familiarize yourself with the ingredients, you are given a full range of information on the hops, yeast, malt and flavors used, as well as their origin and the suppliers behind them.

Individuality at Brewbarrel means:

You create the beer and receive everything you need, weighed and packed precisely to your order.
You craft your beer in a simple step-by-step process. We have streamlined the complex brewing process and present all the steps on our easy-to-understand website.
By combining various malts, yeast, hops and flavors, you can create more than 30,000 different beer varieties.
Master brewer
You’ll become a master brewer quickly and easily, allowing you to create, brew and serve your own delicious beer to friends and family..
Your beer is brewed in a gentle brewing process that produces the most natural beer possible. With high-quality natural flavors, you can refine your beer and give it your own special taste.

Brewing experience

Individual taste influences the joy of drinking beer. There’s a difference between drinking lager or ale. Unfortunately, for most breweries, high-volume beer sales are more important than creating a unique taste. We have reconceived the brewing process, enabling you to become a master brewer all by yourself. Conventional breweries require more than three weeks until their beer is ready for consumption – with Brewbarrel, this process only takes a week. When you make your own beer with Brewbarrel, there’s no need to read complex instructions, buy professional equipment or worry about anything else.

The brewing experience at Brewbarrel means:

Fast delivery
Your package will be home-delivered in just three to five days.
Carefree set
Everything you need is packed together with your Brewbarrel.
Simple process
With the help of our step-to-step instructions and the pre-packed ingredients, your beer is ready to ferment in about 10 minutes.
Fast fermentation
Due to the special yeast and pressurized brewing, your home-brewed beer will be ready to enjoy in just a week.
Integrated tap
Due to the Brewbarrel concept and the integrated tap, you can draw beer directly out of the keg.
Naturally carbonated
Only the natural carbon dioxide generated during fermentation gives your beer a smooth and natural sparkling effervescence.

Satisfaction guarantee

The brewing process is a highly complicated microbiological procedure. Yeast represents the main influence on the fermentation process, and with it, the brewed beer. With our quick and easy approach, you won’t need to mess up your kitchen or read any complicated literature. We’ve optimized the entire procedure, so neither the water you use nor the fermentation temperature can seriously alter the final result.

The satisfaction guarantee at Brewbarrel means:

Fresh beer
No pasteurization or any other technical treatment required.
Naturally unfiltered
No extra chemical clarification and no filtration. Your beer stays fresh and natural.
Always on hand
Via the website, email or telephone, we’re always available for you and your needs. We’d be happy to answer all your questions on brewing the perfect beer and the fermentation process.
Satisfaction guaranteed
If you are not completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back. We will solve any problem you may have in a quick and non-bureaucratic way.

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